Remembering Joy

| Sun November 20, 2022 | Esther 9:20-22

Esther walks us through a radical and dramatic story of God’s quiet sovereignty that provided rescue and redemption for His people. But the final lesson from Esther is a lesson of remembering joy even as exiles. The Feast of Purim was instituted to remind the Jewish people of God’s rescue. This was to be a feast of joy, a reminder that they had been doomed to death but were raised to life. The story of Esther reminds us even today of God’s providence, His provision, and His presence, something we exiles would do well to remember with Joy.

Questions to think through:
How do we remember and celebrate past events?
How does the end of Esther complete the arc of reversal in the entire account?
What are the rhythms of remembering for us today?