Experience. Embrace.Establish. Engage.

“We are a community of Jesus followers who desire to experience God, embrace His truth, establish Christ-centered relationships, and engage our world with the living hope of Jesus.” Crossroads is a Calvary Chapel (CCA) fellowship.

What propels us

Our 12 core values

We are Anchored in God's Word

Regardless of the shifting tides of our culture, the Bible will always be our final authority. At Crossroads you will find consistent, in-depth teaching through God's Word.

We Proclaim the Gospel

There is only one message that has the power to save and redeem fallen mankind— the Gospel of Jesus. We pursue an evangelistic culture that equips people to share the gospel wherever they go.

Love is our Loudest Language

Christ’s greatest commands must be our greatest priority. We want to be committed to loving God and loving others not merely in words, but in action.

We Are in Awe of His Presence

As individuals and as a body we desire to passionately worship and experience the living God. We give time in our services to seek and wait on the Lord.

We are Active Participators

There’s no room here for consumer Christianity or sitting on the sidelines. We must all be giving ourselves to the call and purposes of Jesus Christ. We seek to equip every believer to be actively engaged in the ministry.

We Fight the Battle Together

We shouldn’t be living life alone and on the fringes. Christ calls us into genuine, loving community with one another. From home groups to weekly ministries, you will find many opportunities to become involved in authentic community.

We Move Forward by Faith

We want to be people who say yes to God. Faith enables us to continue to take risks for God, always trusting in His power and provision. Our long-term goals as a church reflect that we believe in a God who wants to reach the world and change lives.

We Surrender to the Holy Spirit

We want to know that every mission we embark on begins first in the heart of God. We must bow before we move, always seeking to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. From day to day, prayer is an integral part of our church culture.

We Have a Vision for the World

The work of Jesus extends far beyond our borders. We want to see the bigger picture of how God can use us both near and far. At Crossroads we believe in long-term investments in the foreign mission field and those sent out to serve.

We Will Reach and Serve Our Community

We will use whatever methods God makes available to us to reach our culture and serve our community with the love of Jesus. From para-church organizations to weekly ministry opportunities, there is never a lack of opportunity to serve those around us.

We Embrace Unity in Diversity

The gospel is for all, regardless of race, age, economic status, or traditions. Because our identity is in Christ, we are called to work together as the redeemed family of God. We seek to partner with other gospel believing churches for the work of God's kingdom.

We Will Invest in the Next Generation

We are committed to investing time and resources into building families, raising our children and developing future leaders who are devoted to Jesus Christ. Our youth and children's ministries are geared toward discipleship.